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Matthew Silver's International Wackadoodle Love Awareness Day

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Southside of Union Square
New York, NY

It's time to stop being a spectator and join Matthew Silver. He's not the only one, so if you believe in LOVE Magic, do your part and Fart your Heart! That alone will set you free. PLEASE JOIN MATTHEW SILVER at the SOUTHSIDE OF UNION SQUARE, ON THE LAST DAY OF AUGUST, SUNDAY the 31st at 4PM AND ACT WACKY WITH MATTHEW. WEAR ONLY YOUR UNDERWEAR AND A BRA OR NOT. He wants to make the entire world laugh and show people, that we're not apathetic, that love is important in all its forms. Even through the power of Wackadoodleness. This EVENT is going international and will be U-STREAMED, Documented!!!!!!

Matthew Silver has been street performing on and off for 9 years with the intention to make people laugh. His goal is to make the entire planet laugh at the sametime to boost Love Awareness. He believes that the energy from this Phenomenon will trigger a chain reaction that will help create a lasting effect, but only if people join him or CREATE THEIR OWN MAGIC!!! Love is infinite, it's not just him.

Franklin Furnace
Membership Campaign, 2013-2014

We are thrilled to collaborate on this year’s membership campaign with Dr. Annie Hauck-Lawson, founder of Brooklyn Mompost; and Mr. Eric Laufer, President and Founder of Laufer Wind Group. Annie is a registered dietitian, whose family practices have been 'green' in Brooklyn for four generations; she is currently the Greening Director at Poly Prep Country Day School. Knowing that garbage going to landfills turns into greenhouse gasses, Annie loves turning that vicious cycle around—and she's not afraid to share the love! Eric holds a degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and provides wind energy consultations to ordinary consumers as well as large international energy conglomerates.

Please visit our membership page here: Membership Info